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          First-Year Honors Student Application

          While the average ACT score of recent entering Honors classes is around 28 (and GPA is 3.85), it is much more important that students have a strong academic preparation in high school, an attraction to the distinctive interdisciplinary, seminar-style learning approach in Honors, and a deep desire to take advantage of the many opportunities that the program offers. We examine applications holistically and minimize the role standardized tests play in the admissions process. There is no minimum ACT/SAT score to apply to the 荣誉学院 and Westminster is a test optional institution. However, students who wish to include test scores in their general college application may do so.

          而面试都没有 需要 of applicants, we strongly encourage prospective students to visit campus, attend an Honors seminar, and meet with the dean of the 荣誉学院 or the assistant director of Honors and fellowship advising. Please contact Alexa Price, Honors recruiter, at aprice@westminstercollege.edu 安排您的光临。


          Step 1: 应用 for admission to Westminster

          荣誉学院 applicants must first complete a Westminster application. If you have not already completed a Westminster application, you can follow the steps to apply online.

          Step 2: 适用于荣誉学院

          The application will open Sept. 1.






          Admission is offered on a rolling basis. Applicants who apply by the Dec. 1 priority deadline will receive a decision by the holidays.

          Honors Academic Excellence Scholarship

          The Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded annually to up to 4 entering first-year Honors students who show particular promise and interest in academic excellence, campus leadership and visibility, and the unique learning environment of Honors.

          The application will open Sept. 1.

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