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          Every part of 明升体育在线’s Honors College is designed intentionally to support you and your education. Every course, trip, research project, and event will enhance your college experience. You are encouraged to take an active part in Honors, as student participation is welcomed in all facets of the 荣誉学院. Available opportunities include:

          • 雇用 as a student associate (5–7 paid positions that help run the 荣誉学院 in the areas of co-curricular programming, marketing and publicity, tech support, and diversity initiatives)
          • Serving as a peer mentor to help guide incoming honors students through their first year of the program (25–30 positions for upper-class Honors students with extensive experience in the program)
          • Attending regional and national Honors conferences
          • Attending honors-sponsored lectures, meetings, and events
          • Participating in the student-run Honors newsletter (荣誉奖)
          • 参与学生荣誉委员会

          荣誉通讯: 荣誉奖

          PDF格式 荣誉奖春天2020 (5015 KB)

          荣誉学院的通讯, 荣誉奖, is published once a semester. It is designed, written, and published entirely by Honors student editors, writers, and photographers. The newsletter features Honors College news, Honors student and faculty profiles, updates on the work of the 学生荣誉委员会, answers to important questions, and announcements about new courses, awards, and funding opportunities. The publication is sent to all Honors students and their families, Honors faculty, Honors alums, and staff and administrators connected to the 荣誉学院. It is also occasionally sent to 明升体育在线's 受托人董事会 and other friends of the college.

          Students who are interested in working on the newsletter (or have story ideas) should contact the editors. These editors work very hard to produce a high-quality publication, which has won an award in the NCHC national newsletter competition on five separate occasions, including 1st place in 2010 (Kansas City) in the "student-produced" newsletter category.

          PDF格式 2019春季荣誉奖 (3919 KB)
          PDF格式 2019秋季荣誉奖 (3972 KB)
          PDF格式 2018春季荣誉奖 (5276 KB)
          PDF格式 2018秋季荣誉奖 (4913 KB)
          PDF格式 2017年春天荣誉奖 (7794 KB)
          PDF格式 2017年秋天荣誉奖 (6745 KB)
          PDF格式 2016春季荣誉奖 (8004 KB)
          PDF格式 2016秋季荣誉奖 (5779 KB)
          PDF格式 2015年春天荣誉奖 (5826 KB)
          PDF格式 2015年秋天荣誉奖 (7222 KB)
          PDF格式 2014春季荣誉奖 (1667 KB)
          PDF格式 2014秋季荣誉奖 (4916 KB)
          PDF格式 2013春季荣誉奖 (1139 KB)
          PDF格式 2013秋季荣誉奖 (3959 KB)
          PDF格式 2012年春季荣誉奖 (3595 KB)
          PDF格式 2012秋季荣誉奖 (6374 KB)
          PDF格式 2011年春季荣誉奖 (952 KB)
          PDF格式 2011年秋季荣誉奖 (4535 KB)
          PDF格式 2010年春季荣誉奖 (7502 KB)
          PDF格式 2010年秋荣誉奖 (10675 KB)
          PDF格式 2009年春荣誉奖 (6100 KB)
          PDF格式 2009年秋季荣誉奖 (4160 KB)
          PDF格式 2008年春荣誉奖 (1192 KB)
          PDF格式 2008年秋季荣誉奖 (2945 KB)
          PDF格式 2007年秋天荣誉奖 (1224 KB)
          PDF格式 2006年春荣誉奖 (453 KB)
          PDF格式 2006年秋荣誉奖 (597 KB)
          PDF格式 2005年春季荣誉奖 (266 KB)
          PDF格式 2005年秋天荣誉奖 (425 KB)
          PDF格式 2004年春季荣誉奖 (1525 KB)
          PDF格式 2004年秋天荣誉奖 (3949 KB)
          PDF格式 2003春季荣誉奖 (136 KB)
          PDF格式 2003秋季荣誉奖 (1104 KB)
          PDF格式 2002年秋天荣誉奖 (945 KB)


          The Student Honors Council represents the interests of all Honors students, meeting regularly to discuss ways to improve the Honors experience for students. An elected Honors student president and vice president—who also have voting privileges on the faculty committee that oversees the 荣誉学院—run the council in addition to 3 other officer positions. Responsibilities of the 学生荣誉委员会 include the following:

          • 作为到荣誉委员会联络
          • 讨论了荣誉大学生关注
          • 提出新计划
          • Originate new course ideas and lobby professors to offer specifics Honors courses
          • Help generate ideas about topics and speakers for Pizza with Profs and other lecture series
          • Administer the Profs Pick the Flick film series
          • Organize academic and social events of interest to Honors students
          • Create continuity in student leadership within the 荣誉学院
          • Help establish program identity and community among Honors students
          • Provide leadership opportunities and training for Honors students
          • 导师进入优等生
          • Represent the 荣誉学院 at public events or gatherings that require an Honors student presence


          凯蒂·瓦尔迪兹Katie is a senior McNair Scholar majoring in justice studies. Aside from her role as Student Honors Council president, Katie works for the 荣誉学院 as a first-year peer mentor coordinator, throws javelin on the Westminster Track and Field team, and has also been actively involved with the Feminist Club and 拉丁x Club. As someone who is deeply committed to justice and human rights, Katie plans to dedicate her life to fighting injustice. As 学生荣誉委员会 president, she hopes to continue the work of building a more inclusive honors program. In her free time, she enjoys having meaningful conversations, spending time with friends and family, and developing new hobbies!


          利亚贝兹Lia is a senior majoring in political science in the pre-law track, with a minor in global studies. She has seen a lot and lived a lot alongside her community, so she's always wanted to make a change in the world and make it a more equitable and just place for all who live in it. In addition to her participation in the 荣誉学院, she has been actively involved in the 杜姆克中心公民参与, the Black Student Union, and the Legacy Scholars program. She loves spending time with her family, the beach, good food, and good music.


          炬力桑德Juli is a sophomore majoring in economics and minoring in Spanish. In addition to working in Nunemaker as the Honors College's hospitality coordinator, Juli also works at the 写作中心 as a consultant. She aspires to use her business background to bring economically feasible solutions to common environmental concerns, particularly in the developing world. Juli hopes to maximize the 荣誉学院's resources for students' needs and their passions. In her spare time, she enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and hiking with friends!


          苏菲卡利朱里Sophie is a junior pursuing the Honors degree. She is majoring in philosophy with a minor in 英语. On campus, Sophie works for the 荣誉学院 as the diversity coordinator. She also works for the 杜姆克中心公民参与 as a civic connections coordinator, is a writing consultant at the 写作中心, and is a first-generation student in the Legacy Scholars program. In her free time, Sophie enjoys reading, hanging out with family and friends, road trips, dancing (badly), and learning new things. As the 学生荣誉委员会 secretary, she hopes to ensure that the honors program is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students, and she is excited to serve you this academic year!


          brynlie绿色Brynlie is a sophomore majoring in 英语 and justice studies. She’s involved in the 荣誉学院 as the 学生荣誉委员会 historian and as a peer mentor. She can also be found on campus as the ASW sophomore class senator, serving on the ASW 会所 Board, cheerleading on the Spirit Team, and as a research assistant in the Office of Advancement. Brynlie is also the Westminster representative on the UserveUtah Youth Council, where she is planning a project to serve potential first-generation college students, and as a Legacy Scholar. In her spare time, she can be found reading, drawing, and spending time with her friends and family.

          The 学生荣誉委员会 fund provides stipends to Honors College students to help offset the cost of investigating graduate schools. Email the dean of the 荣誉学院 (rjb@westminstercollege.edu) for information on how to apply for these $500 grants.


          To encourage and recognize excellence in written work in Honors courses, the Honors College gives cash awards to the best essays written annually in 4 different categories: first-year seminar, sciences, social sciences, and the arts. The Honors Council also chooses from among those winning papers a “Best 荣誉学院 Essay of the Year,” the writer of which receives an additional cash award. 奖项 are announced at the annual spring Honors banquet and winners have their names engraved on a plaque that hangs in Nunemaker Place.

          • Kathryn Jensen, “Work Becomes Play and Play Becomes Work (and Murder)"
          • Lienne Cupal, “The Fairest of Them All” (winner of the Best Essay of the Year Award)
          • Samantha Paredes, “The Neglect of Reason throughout 历史”
          • 苏菲卡利朱里, “The Joke's on You: How The Dark Knight Portrays the Societal Benefits of Crime”

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