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          The 荣誉学院 is rich with tradition. Some traditions are serious and some are fun, but all of them connect Honors students to each other and the Honors legacy.


          Each incoming Honors class participates in a day-long orientation run by upper-class Honors students. The day before regular college orientation begins, you’ll meet your fellow Honors students, learn about the programs in the 荣誉学院, engage in a common-read discussion, connect with Honors faculty, create a self-portrait, participate in group work, and learn from the advice of your Honors peers. 荣誉方向 is designed to ease the transition to college and establish bonds with your classmates—and you'll have a lot of fun along the way.

          Pizza with Profs and Profs Pick the Flick

          Pizza with Profs is an opportunity to meet up with your Honors professors to talk informally about their areas of research and other interests over a slice or two. The Profs Pick the Flick film series is another popular event. Instead of talking about research or academic interests, you’ll analyze your professors’ favorite movies after an exclusive screening in Nunemaker Place.


          Blow off steam at the end of each fall semester by gathering around the fire on Nunemaker's back porch to burn copies of papers you’d rather not see again. Amidst the roasting papers and toasting marshmallows, students swap academic horror stories before heading inside to watch Dead Poets Society (faculty are definitely not invited to this event).

          Honors 死纸社会

          Honors Faculty vs. Student Softball Game

          At the end of each academic year, the Honors faculty squares off against Honors students in a softball showdown at high noon. Usually the best-attended event of the year, the game gives students a chance to try to beat their Honors elders in an athletic contest that would make the ancient Greeks proud. Because they typically lose this annual competition, Honors students have been known to pelt the Honors faculty with water balloons at the post-game lunch.

          Honors Professor Hitting the Ball at an Honors Softball Game Honors Students with Trophy at Softball Game


          At the end of each year, the entire 荣誉学院 comes together for a banquet celebrating the year’s achievements. 奖项 are given out (some serious, some not-so-serious), and each of the graduating seniors tells a story about their Honors experience—what we call “senior moments,” and the definite highlight of the evening.

          Honors Faculty at 春夜宴 Honors Students at 春夜宴

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