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          Center for Entrepreneurship

          The Center for Entrepreneurship fosters and develops the skills critical to successful entrepreneurial leadership—innovating, validating, planning, funding, and launching new ventures. The center is housed under the Bill and Vieve Gore School of 商业 and offers a variety of entrepreneurial programs, including a Certificate in Entrepreneurship for MBA students.

          The center capitalizes on Westminster's unique environment for learning, bridging the gap between formal education and real-world experience. Students learn in many different ways—through coursework, workshops, field experiences, competitions, and personal mentoring.

          Our Entrepreneurial 程式

          Entrepreneurial Skills We Develop

          • 商业 Entrepreneurship—Conceiving, planning, launching, and leading new for-profit business ventures
          • Corporate Entrepreneurship—Innovating new products, services, processes, and divisions in existing corporations
          • Social Entrepreneurship—Creating and leading non-profit organizations designed to address community challenges and increase economic prosperity

          We Provide a Platform for Learning Entrepreneurship

          • Experiential learning
          • Mentoring program
          • Innovative environment
          • Faculty experienced in new ventures
          • Approachable and helpful faculty
          • Interdisciplinary course offerings
          • Partnerships with entrepreneurial companies
          • Community involvement
          • Success of alumni
          • Westminster College commitment


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