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          Rental Gear

          Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

          All recurring Outdoor Program events have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of the Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center. The program will also not be offering rentals this summer, partly due to limited demand. Rentals will resume along with Fall 2020 classes.

          The program has also provided information and resources information and resources related to changes in access to public lands and recreation.

          Gear Pick Up and Return

          Gear must be picked up and returned to the Outdoor Program office (HWAC 114) during open hours. The office is closed on weekends, college holidays, and when classes are not in session. Email the Outdoor Program (outdoorprogram@westminstercollege.edu) if you have gear rental needs when the office is closed—the program may be able to accommodate.

          • Renters are fully responsible for equipment checked out in their name.
          • Anyone renting gear must sign the Outdoor Program Rental Agreement.
          • Renters may be charged a fee for all equipment returned late, damaged, lost, stolen, dirty, and/or wet.

          Equipment for Rent

          Asterisk denotes Specialty Rentals—user must demonstrate competency with equipment to rent these items
          Item1 Day (24 hours)Weekend (Fri–Mon)Late Fees (per day)
          Sleeping Bag$4$8$4
          Sleeping Pad (closed-cell foam)$1$2$1
          Backpack (internal frame)$4$8$4
          Tent (2–3 people)$5$10$5
          Tent (3–4 people)$5$10$5
          Cookset (pot, pan, utensil)$3$6$3
          Backpacking Stove (MSR Whisperlite*)$3$6$3
          Car Camping Stove (Coleman 2-burner)$4$6$4
          Dromedary Bag$1$2$1
          Water Jug$2$4$1
          Climbing Shoes$3$6$3
          Climbing Helmet$1$2$1
          Chalk Bag$1$2$1
          Cross-Country Skis, Boots, Poles$6$12$6
          Snowshoes & Poles$4$8$4
          Splitboard & Poles*$15$30$15
          Alpine Touring Skis*$15$30$15
          Avalanche Beacon*$10$15$10
          Avalanche Shovel*$4$6$4
          Avalanche Probe*$3$4$3

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