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          On Sept. 11, 2015, Westminster held the Grand Opening for the college's first-ever Center for Veterans & Military 服务 (CVMS).

          退伍军人中心 ConferenceThe new Center for Veteran & Military 服务 is located in Walker Hall and will provide a central location to support veterans, dependents and other military students. The new center includes:

          • 一个专职,专用主任,致力于满足明升体育眷村
          • 一个退伍军人事务部的学生工
          • 办公空间从VA,财政援助主机的代表,咨询中心等。
          • 退伍军人法案的好处辅导
          • 转介服务
          • 学生支持服务
          • 老将监督和指导
          • 免费电脑,传真,复印和学生使用的印
          • 沙发和匹配表的休息区,平面电视和DVD播放机
          • 纯友情的地方
          • 咖啡酒吧和微波炉
          • 会议/研究领域的会议和辅导

          退伍军人中心 InteriorThe Center for Veteran & Military 服务 will serve the more than 130 veteran students and their dependents, as well as approximately 90 Reserve Officer 训练 Corps (ROTC) students at Westminster, which has a total population of 2,800 students.


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