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          Student Outcomes

          雇用 Information

          We have remained in contact with 76% of our aviation graduates since 2008

          88%of them are employed within their planned career field.

          • 16% are actively serving and flying in the military
          • 58% are employed with airlines or other aviation companies
          • 14% are flight instructors
          • 12% are employed by companies outside of their major field of study

          Why Our Students Choose Westminster

          98% of our students say the program "has a strong safety culture."

          92% would recommend Westminster to a friend considering a career in aviation.

          • Great admissions process
          • Reputation of the program
          • Connections to the aviation community
          • Size of the college

          What Our Students Value Most

          • Westminster offers the R-ATP
          • Westminster operates primarily out of Class Bravo airspace
          • Westminster is in the ideal location

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