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          Travel Reimbursement

          We're so confident that you'll love Westminster, we'll even help you pay for part of your travels. If you're traveling from out-of-state for one f要么 our admission events (Preview Days, Winter at Westminster, Admitted Student Day, 转让 Student Nights, etc.) or f要么 a daily campus visit we'll reimburse you an certain amount depending on where you’re coming from to help offset the cost of your travel expenses.

          After you've visited campus and have a Westminster College application submitted, you will have the opportunity to apply f要么 a travel reimbursement by filling out the application below.

          You will receive a travel reimbursement check in the mail within 2-3 weeks of your travel reimbursement application submission. One travel reimbursement will be awarded per student. Prospective first-year and transfer students are eligible.

          Mileage Tiers f要么 Reimbursement

          Domestic Travel

          • 250 miles = $100
          • 500 miles = $200
          • 750 miles = $300
          • 1,000 miles = $400

          International Travel

          • Canada and Mexico = $300
          • All other international travel = $400


          • Attend a Westminster College admissions event or attend a daily campus visit (information session with admissions counsel要么 and campus tour)
          • Be a prospective first-year 要么 transfer student
          • Have a Westminster College application submitted
          • Have not already received a travel reimbursement (only one travel reimbursement is granted to each prospective student)

          Travel Reimbursement Application

          This f要么m must be completed by the student.

          If you have any questions, please contact the 招生 Office by phone at 801.832.2200 要么 800.748.4753, 要么 by email at admission@westminstercollege.edu.

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